How To Order Custom Pillows

There are so many pillows on the market, but even with what seems like endless options, it can still be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. That is when working with someone like myself to create custom pillows becomes the best option. I've always heard the word "custom" and thought of it as an expensive and daunting option. Don't let that be the case when exploring custom pillows. The process couldn't be easier, and the price point is similar to the made-to-order pillows on my website. To get started, you can reach out to me via the contact form on my website here or email me directly at 

If you already know what you'd like your custom pillows to look like, you can put all the details, including fabric selection, pillow size, edge or corner details, and trim option, in your initial email, and I'll quickly respond with a quote. If you're more undecided and would like a little design guidance, I will ask questions to get an idea of what you're looking for once we're in contact. I am always happy to advise on sizing, styles, fabric, and trim options. Inspiration photos are very helpful and always welcome. They are a wonderful way for me to understand your style and what you have in mind for your custom pillows.

Turkish corner pillows front view

Lets talk about pillow sizes

I can create pillows in whatever size you'd like, but the most common sizes are 16x16, 18x18, 20x20, 22x22, 24x24, and 26x26 for square pillows. The 16in. and 18in. pillows are smaller and are great when mixed with larger pillows. They're a perfect way to add a different pattern to your design. They're also perfect for chairs when you want a sole pillow to stand out. The 20in. and 22in. pillows are the most popular sizes because of how versatile they are. They're great for sofas, beds, window seats, and more. Layer them in the back behind smaller pillows or fill a sofa with them in a mix of patterns for a layered and cozy feel. The larger 24in and 26in options are perfect for various bed sizes. The 24in can be used as an extra large sofa pillow. The 26in is also known as a Euro, and if you decide to add a trim like a ruffle, it's a showstopper on a King bed when grouped together. I offer lumbar pillows in 12x24 and 12x38; however, I can make lumbars in any size you'd like and recently created one that was 14x60. The 12x24 size is great for chairs, benches, and twin beds. It looks so sweet on its own or layered with other pillows. The large 12x38 lumbar is perfect for beds layered in front of larger square pillows such as the 22in, 24in, or 26in square options.

Selecting your fabric

After deciding on your pillow size, the design process starts with choosing your fabric, which is one of my favorite parts of the process. It is the jumping-off point, and the fabric options are endless. Usually, when inquiring about a custom order, a client already has in mind what fabric they'd like if nothing else. However, if you still need to select a fabric, I am happy to offer suggestions. I have trade accounts with most of the top fabric designers and an extensive sample library, so I have many options at my fingertips to share. If you would like to order fabric or trim samples to see your options in person before committing, it is easy and can be done on my website here.

Another important fabric decision is deciding if you will use it on the front, back, and edge. The fabric is the first choice that affects the quote, and large-scale patterns like florals have large pattern repeats that may end up with more wastage than a smaller pattern. A great way to save on material costs is to choose a simpler fabric for the back and the designer fabric for the front. Many people love choosing a designer fabric for the front of their pillow and a complementary ticking stripe for the back. You can also choose to use the ticking stripe on the edge for more cohesion.

Turkish corner pillows side view
Turkish corner pillows corner view

The trim options are endless

There are so many trim and finishing options for your pillows. The simplest is the knife edge, which is where the front and back of the pillow are sewn together with no trim. It is classic and the perfect way to get the fabric you want as a pillow without paying for extra material or labor costs. Then there is the welt and self-welt. That is when your selected fabric, a complimentary fabric, or a contrasting fabric is used to make piping that is sewn around the edge of the pillow. Piping is always cut on the bias, so it will require extra fabric. Welt pairs really well with turkish corners as seen on the pillows in the photos. A flange is similar to the welt and can be made using your selected fabric, a complimentary fabric, or a contrasting fabric. Strips for a flange are also cut on the bias and will require extra fabric. Those strips are then folded in half and sewn around the edge of the pillow. The finished product is a lovely strip of fabric, about 1/2", going all around the pillow edge. The flange can also be adjusted to have a little fold or pleat in each corner, sometimes called a butterfly flange. A ruffle is also a wonderful option and one I do often for clients. I create my ruffles slightly differently, where I fold them down to give a similar look to a pleat. Ruffles are not cut on the bias, so they actually require less additional fabric than piping or a flange does. My ruffles are usually 1 1/4" or 1 3/4", depending on the pillow size. There are many more options, but these are some of the most common. 

You can also choose pipings, cords, fringes, and more from trim companies such as Samuel & Sons. They have a beautiful selection of products you can browse here. These specialty trims are a lovely way to create a unique and luxurious pillow! If you're interested in ordering a sample of the custom trims, I can do that for you as well!

Turkish corner pillows close side view

Finishing up

Once all of the design elements are chosen and you've selected your fabric, pillow size, and trim, I will give you a quote based on your selections. If you want to make any changes, now is the time to do so. This is also the perfect time to decide if you'd like to order inserts to go with your covers. I offer luxurious down alternative inserts that hold their shape but are also very soft. If you choose a custom pillow size, I can create custom-sized inserts. I've also sourced feather inserts for previous clients who prefer them to the down alternative inserts. Whatever you'd like, I can accommodate your preference. Once you've finalized your choices, I will create an invoice and email it to you. I always ask my clients to review it to ensure everything is accurate. Once the payment is received, I will get started on your pillows! The lead time for custom pillows is about 3-5 weeks. Once they're done, you'll receive an email notification with their tracking number, which means they're on their way to you to enjoy!