Meet Maxine

Welcome to my creative world! I am Maxine, the designer, sewer, order packer, email replier, and happy owner behind Maxine Makes. Being creative is a big part of my life, from baking with my mom as a kid to recently building and upholstering a headboard. My motto has always been "I can make that." And as I have gotten bigger, so have the projects, and Maxine Makes is the biggest and most rewarding ever!

The idea for Maxine Makes started forming in 2021. I was fluttering from project to project, enjoying trying different things. I then decided I wanted to make a pair of pillows. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I thought, "I can make it," and so I did. Were they perfect? No, but they were what I wanted and I loved making them. From then on, I perfected my sewing, making more pillows for myself, and expanding to other pieces I wanted but couldn't find. It dawned on me that those pieces I couldn't find were probably pieces other women would want too. And so my path to launching Maxine Makes started, and the rest is history, as they say.

The sewing machine I use for every Maxine Makes piece is the sewing machine my mom taught me to sew on when I was little. It is older than me and an important part of everything I make for Maxine Makes.

I love interior design and decorating my home. That leads to a lot of thrifting, antiquing, Facebook Marketplace deep dives, long bouts of indecisiveness, and additions to my extensive project list.

The name for Maxine Makes was my dads idea for a blog I wanted to start ten years ago. That never came to fruitin but when I wanted to start my business I knew Maxine Makes was the perfect name.

Whenever I start a project I always under estimate the amount of time it will take me to complete. Add to that my mediocre time management and a project I think will take a week takes three. I'm trying to get better.