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Fleurons d'Helene La Folie Celebration Cracker

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Crackers are a wonderful holiday tradition enjoyed on the dinner tables of many. We've updated the traditional single use cracker to create a reusable one that can be enjoyed for any celebration and filled with unique and fun gifts. Trinkets, treats, treasures, and more are wonderful options to fill the included tube. Surprise your guests with joyous presents they'll enjoy receiving!

Handmade using Fleurons d'Helene La Folie, this forever favorite fabric is paired with a Swiss velvet ribbon edge and satin ties. Every cracker has a cream lining and a reusable tube. Simply fill the tube with whatever gift you choose, roll the fabric around it, and tie both ends using the satin ribbon

Please note that each cracker is handmade using fabrics made of natural materials, and there will be variations in texture, color, and pattern placement. This character is what makes them unique to you!


  • 13" x 2.5"


  • Rose colorway
  • Satin ribbon ties
  • Spot clean as needed